#343 Ashers Court Victory Over LGBT Tyranny

With the wonderful news from the Ashers victory in the UK supreme court case against the claims of discrimination, we take a look at the arguments of the LGBT activists who oppose the ruling. Are they truly for equality and freedom as they may claim? How should we respond as Christians in this fallen and sinful world?

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#342 Godless Gossip, Timothy Keller’s Comments on SJ&G and John MacArthur at NRB’s Proclaim 19

On this show we look at the recent comments made about the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel (SJ&G) by Timothy Keller. We discuss the dangers of unfairly judging the motives of fellow believers in Christ, while also looking at the dangers of the ‘tongue’ (James 3) and of the sin of sowing discord among the brethren (Proverbs 17:19). Near the end of programme we deal with the recent chatter on the internet about John MacArthur appearing at the Proclaim 19 convention, hosted by NRB.

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#340 Chris Rosebrough’s Defence of Idolatrous Statues of Christ

On this programme we look at Chris Rosebrough’s teaching on the use of statues in worship and the second commandment. Chris has a major following among those who are critical of the Charismatic movement due to his programme Fighting for the Faith on Pirate Christian Radio exposing many within the movement. What is the Biblical view of idols? What does the Roman Catholic Church believe about the use of statues in worship?

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The Host

Paul Flynn is the founder of Megiddo Media, which began in 2010. Paul is married to his wife Faith and has two children, Rachel and Rebecca. The Flynns are members of Loughbrickland Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland. Paul is currently under the care of the Southern Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland as a student to be trained for gospel ministry. Paul's testimony of salvation can be seen at megiddomedia.com. Megiddo Radio is a radio and research ministry that is dedicated to serving the Lord Jesus Christ and to preaching the gospel to a lost and fallen world. Megiddo Radio has expert guests on the show who share their knowledge of the Bible on subjects such as Roman Catholicism, Charismaticism and other issues which affect the Christian faith. We pray that this show will be a blessing to the listeners and that it will strengthen your faith in the Word of God, the Bible.