#145 From Credobaptist to Paedobaptist: A Case for Infant Baptism

Who should be baptised? How important is our view of covenant theology? Paul looks at these and other issues as he details how and why he has changed his view on this issue. This has led to a change in confessional stand for the Megiddo Films website.

PF: I do this show not as someone who is in any way an expert on this topic, but as one who has come to a conviction, based on what I believe the Word of God plainly teaches. I am thankful for those who have supported Megiddo Films and Megiddo Radio over the years and I wanted to explain to those who may be concerned with this change in position and wonder why I have done so. I pray that it may bless all those who listen to it.

#144 Gnosticism and the Gnostic Gospels: Kurt Eichenwald Refuted

Paul continues his refutation of Kurt Eichenwald from Newsweek’s article on the Bible, dealing with the many of the early church conspiracy theories that he raises. Were gospels removed from the Bible? What are the gnostic gospels? Should we allow these into the canon of scripture as Mr. Eichenwald seems to claim. What is gnosticism? Is it Christian? Does it respect women? These and other related topics are discussed.

#143 Newsweek’s Attack on the Bible

Kurt Eichenwald, a Newsweek senior writer and New York Times bestseller, recently wrote a piece on the Bible in Newsweek. Was it fair? Was it accurate? Paul discusses these and related issues to the Bible we have in our hands today.