#173 New Evangelicalism Supporting Antichrist Papacy

New Evangelical publication ‘Christianity Today’ has claimed that Pope Francis is making the Catholic Church more Protestant; is this true? Pope Francis is promoting prayer and Bible reading, but what kind of prayer and what translation of the scriptures? How should we view this pope? Is he our ‘brother in Christ’ as now many professing evangelicals believe, or is he the Antichrist as many reformers believed? Is the American Bible Society a positive influence in the distribution of the Bible? How do the Jesuits aim to attack Protestant Churches?


#170 Is Pope Francis a Good Christian?

Paul responds to Pastor Robert Jeffress’ comments about Pope Francis. Jeffress said: “I have great respect for Pope Francis. He is a humble Christ-follower. We all can learn from him.” Is he correct? What does the Bible say about Rome? Is Pope Francis preaching and teaching Biblical Christianity? Does he preach the true gospel? What is the moral character of Pope Francis? How important is the fact that he is part of the notorious Jesuits started by Ignatius Loyola?