#198 Hillsong’s Strange Fire and Poisonous Satanic Fruit

Hillsong’s overt apostasy continues from the ‘Sleazy Silent Night’ performance at Christmas by Hillsong London, to the promotion of sex pervert Austin Powers at a recent women’s conference. Also a dancing naked cowboy appeared at Hillsong NY recently and Hillsong London put on a reenactment of a type of voodoo ritual last Easter. Where have Hillsong gone wrong? What can the Church learn from Hillsong’s rapid decline?

#197 LGBT Apostates and Female Preachers

With more and more professing Christian clergy ‘coming out’ as homosexual in the United Methodist denomination, what does this say about the state of their church? Can Christians who truly love the Lord Jesus Christ have different views on issues such as homosexuality, and on the subject of ‘female pastors’? What should you do if your church ordains female preachers and allows homosexuality to remain unchallenged within its communion?

#195 Political Pragmatism’s Corruption of the Modern Church

What should be the church’s role in politics? How should a Christian vote? Is Donald Trump or any other GOP candidate the answer to America’s problems? What are the differences between state government and church government? Ted Cruz’s father (Rafael Cruz) and Congressman Pete Visclosky’s visits to the pulpit of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana are discussed on this show. Rafael Cruz is a 7 mountain dominionist Charismatic preacher and Congressman Pete Visclosky is a liberal Roman Catholic Democrat who supports abortion. How is political pragmatism ruining conservative Christian churches and colleges?