#179 The Blasphemous Roman Catholic Mass

We are joined on the show today (via Skype) by former Roman Catholic Priest Richard Bennett of Berean Beacon. Richard served as a Catholic Priest for 22 years and spent 48 years in the Roman Catholic Church. Richard today shares with us his many years of research on the topic from the Roman Catholic Church’s own official documents. What does the Bible say about the mass? Does it honour or dishonour God? What is the truth about the presence of Christ in the sacrament? How can a man have communion with God?

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#176 From Roman Catholicism to Biblical Christianity

Gearóid Marley of the Protestant Truth Society joins us today to share his testimony of God’s sovereign saving grace. Gearóid was raised in Ireland as a Roman Catholic and entered seminary to become a priest at the age of 18 but left after he saw that the Roman Church did not have the truth. What is Roman Catholicism and how is it different to Protestantism? Was Augustine a Roman Catholic? How important is Greek and pagan philosophy to Roman Catholic theology? What does Roman Catholicism teach about the grace of God unto salvation? What is the state of the modern church in our day? These and other issues are discussed on today’s show.

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#124 Pope Francis’ Teaching on Economics (w/ Richard Bennett): Merely Aquinas and Roman Tradition

On this show Paul is joined by Richard Bennett of the Berean Beacon Ministry. Richard Bennett is an Irish former Roman Catholic Priest who has for many years exposed the teachings of Romanism since he left the church of Rome. His testimony is a blessing to many of the grace of God unto salvation. Richard has spent a long time studying the economic thought of Rome and this will be the main focus of the interview. Are Francis’ teachings on economics new? Is Francis a communist? Who is Thomas Aquinas and how does he influence the Roman Catholic world today? How has Aquinas inspired Liberation Theology? Richard also speaks of his own experience with Liberation Theology.

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