#206 Statism, RNC Paganism and EU Criminal Fraud

What should be the Christian view of State government? How should the Church react to the Sikh and Muslims prayers at the RNC? Is the 1st Amendment to the American Constitution Biblical? How should we view the EU? Does the EU use the money of the people of Europe wisely? Has the EU betrayed and lied to the people of Europe? What should Christians feel towards the BREXIT vote to leave the EU? Should other countries leave the EU?

#195 Political Pragmatism’s Corruption of the Modern Church

What should be the church’s role in politics? How should a Christian vote? Is Donald Trump or any other GOP candidate the answer to America’s problems? What are the differences between state government and church government? Ted Cruz’s father (Rafael Cruz) and Congressman Pete Visclosky’s visits to the pulpit of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana are discussed on this show. Rafael Cruz is a 7 mountain dominionist Charismatic preacher and Congressman Pete Visclosky is a liberal Roman Catholic Democrat who supports abortion. How is political pragmatism ruining conservative Christian churches and colleges?