#250 Jason Cooley, Infant Baptism and Fictitious IFB Church History

On tonight’s show we look at Jason Cooley’s views on Infant Baptism and Church History. What are the dangers of his views? Is he Biblical in his criticism of the mode of sprinkling and pouring in Baptism? How does his view of the Church cut off all but the Baptists? How do such views divide the Church in our day?

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#165 Old Covenant Vs New Covenant: Answering James White and Credobaptist Arguments (Part 2)

What are the differences and similarities between the old and new covenants? Are they one in substance or are they different? How do they help us to understand scripture? How does it potentially shape our view of infant baptism? What do Reformed Baptists, Presbyterians and Congregationalists believe in regards to this issue? Paul in this episode also concludes his critique of James White’s recent Baptism debate with Gregg Strawbridge.

#164 The Baptism Debate: Answering James White and Credobaptist Arguments

Should believers only be baptised or should believer’s infant children or whole households also be baptised? Who is to be included in the visible church? Paul looks at this historic Christian debate and critiques the views of James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries. Paul also comments on the Baptism debate that took place last March between James White and Gregg Strawbridge. How Biblical and clear are most Credobaptist and most Paedobaptist arguments in our day?

#146 Covenant Theology, Covenant Children and Baptism

What are the differences between the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith and the Westminster Confession of Faith? How does our view of the covenants affect our view of baptism? What is the Covenant of Grace and when did it begin? What is the Covenant of Redemption? Paul looks at these issues and also critiques the views of Richard Barcellos, James Renihan and Samuel Renihan on this issue.

#145 From Credobaptist to Paedobaptist: A Case for Infant Baptism

Who should be baptised? How important is our view of covenant theology? Paul looks at these and other issues as he details how and why he has changed his view on this issue. This has led to a change in confessional stand for the Megiddo Films website.

PF: I do this show not as someone who is in any way an expert on this topic, but as one who has come to a conviction, based on what I believe the Word of God plainly teaches. I am thankful for those who have supported Megiddo Films and Megiddo Radio over the years and I wanted to explain to those who may be concerned with this change in position and wonder why I have done so. I pray that it may bless all those who listen to it.