#201 Southern Baptists Support the Building of a Mosque

Recently Baptists in America have been supporting the building of a mosque in New Jersey which has been denied a building permit. Now, in a legal dispute between the Muslim community and a New Jersey township, Southern Baptists and the National Association of Evangelicals have joined to support the proposed mosque. Is this Biblical and does it honour God to support all forms of ‘Religious Liberty’?

#185 The Roman Catholic Church Promotes Islam and Accepts the Islamic Faith

On tonight’s show we are joined by Richard Bennett of Berean Beacon to talk about Rome’s promotion of Islam. For most of his Pontificate, Pope Francis has promoted Islam. Instead of warning people against the onslaught of Muslims across the world, Francis has left unaddressed the Islamic persecution of European, Middle Eastern, and African people. The world has been made quite aware of the negative influences upon societies, with many Muslim immigrants coming from the Middle East. As refugees pour into countries like Germany and Sweden some journalists call the situation “Germany’s ‘Rapefugee’ Crisis.” What can be done? Does ISIS truly follow the Qur’an? Is ISIS a true representation of Islam? These and other related issues are discussed on tonight’s show.