#309 Billy Graham’s Legacy, Leighton Flowers, Pulpit & Pen and Charismatic Speculation

What is Billy Graham’s legacy? Was he an example of faithfulness to the gospel, or did he compromise with false religion and a false gospel? Was Graham a positive example? What does Leighton Flowers’ defence of Billy Graham reveal about his beliefs? What does it reveal about his criticism of Calvinism? Is Pulpit & Pen a reliable source of information? Is the pope of Rome our brother in Christ? Are Roman Catholics saved? What should we make of the claims that Billy Graham’s death is a prophetic sign?

#284 Bishop Robert Barron, Robert Jeffress, Sean Hannity and Ecumenism

We conclude our critique of Bishop Robert Barron’s video on the Reformation on tonight’s programme. After this we look at Sean Hannity’s visit to Robert Jeffress and First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas. How has Jeffress’ view of Roman Catholicism changed over the years? Is it Biblical? Did Hannity’s visit undermine the gospel?

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#283 Newsweek Surprised Evangelicals Reject Roman Catholicism

Newsweek are in shock that an evangelical pastor, Robert Jeffress, would criticise Roman Catholicism and link it to Revelation 17. Is this a strange doctrine when compared with Christian history and the Bible? We also start a critique of Roman Catholic Bishop Robert Barron’s video on the Reformation.

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#279 More Rick Warren Ecumenism with Rome and Modern Protestantism’s Anti-Reformation Theology

Recently Crux, a Roman Catholic website, interviewed both Rick Warren and Roman Catholic Bishop Kevin Vann of Orange County, California. What did the interview reveal? Should we be concerned over Rick Warren? Do respected pastors see him as a faithful preacher of the Word of God? We also take a brief look at the ‘Reforming Catholic Confession’ which was signed by over 250 professing Protestant leaders. What does the document, and the men involved, tell us about how the Reformation is viewed some 500 years later?

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