#331 IFBs Excommunicating Calvinists

On tonight’s programme we look at accusations made that Calvinism is a false gospel. Such claims come from Lighthouse Trails, Bob Kirkland, Adam Fannin of Stedfast Jacksonville Florida (a church affiliated with Steven Anderson) and other similar groups. We respond to Adam Fannin’s claims that Calvinists are lost.

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#309 Billy Graham’s Legacy, Leighton Flowers, Pulpit & Pen and Charismatic Speculation

What is Billy Graham’s legacy? Was he an example of faithfulness to the gospel, or did he compromise with false religion and a false gospel? Was Graham a positive example? What does Leighton Flowers’ defence of Billy Graham reveal about his beliefs? What does it reveal about his criticism of Calvinism? Is Pulpit & Pen a reliable source of information? Is the pope of Rome our brother in Christ? Are Roman Catholics saved? What should we make of the claims that Billy Graham’s death is a prophetic sign?

#284 Bishop Robert Barron, Robert Jeffress, Sean Hannity and Ecumenism

We conclude our critique of Bishop Robert Barron’s video on the Reformation on tonight’s programme. After this we look at Sean Hannity’s visit to Robert Jeffress and First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas. How has Jeffress’ view of Roman Catholicism changed over the years? Is it Biblical? Did Hannity’s visit undermine the gospel?

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