#251 Paul Young’s False Gospel: ‘Lies We Believe About God’ Reviewed

On tonight’s programme we look at Paul Young’s new book ‘Lies We Believe About God’. Paul Young wrote the novel The Shack which recently was release as a movie. This new book by Paul Young is his first ‘non-fiction’ book. What does it tell us about Paul Young? Is he a Christian? Does he believe and teach the true Biblical gospel of grace? Is he a universalist? What does he teach about hell? Does he believe that men need to be saved? What does he teach about the cross?

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#249 What Does The Shack Movie Expose in the Modern Church?

What does the popularity of The Shack movie within the professing Church tell us? What does it say about the Church’s discernment? How does the movie expose the Biblical ignorance of God’s law by the modern Christian Church? How is William Paul Young responding to his critics and accusations of heresy?

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#248 Huffpo: Critics of The Shack are Racist

On tonight’s show we will be commenting on a Huffington Post article, written by Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, which implies that it’s white theologians who are offended by The Shack due to God being portrayed as black. What is the real issue with the bestselling book; race or something else?

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#247 Celebrity ‘Christians’ Endorse The Shack Movie

Lecrae, Tim Tebow, Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ) and many others have endorsed The Shack movie which will be released in March 2017. What does this tell us about their faith? What is the faith of The Shack? What is the theology of the bestselling book?

“The Shack is theology. But it is a theology wrapped in a story, the Word becoming flesh living inside the blood and bones of common human experience.”
-William Paul Young (Author of The Shack)

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#168 Kent Hovind’s Endorsement of ‘The Shack’

Kent Hovind has been praising William Paul Young’s book ‘The Shack’ and has read the book 9 times. What is the book about? What does it teach about God and the trinity? Does it teach orthodox Christian theology? What does Kent Hovind’s endorsement of the book say about his discernment? How has he responded to criticism of his endorsement of the book? How should Christians deal with the book? These and other related questions will be looked at on this week’s show.