#82 New Evangelicalism and the New Age Movement

Are there parallels between what is called the “church” today and the New Age Movement? Do claims made by the Charismatic movement come from the New Age Movement and the occult? Why do the claims made by modern Christians sound like claims made by occultists such as Alice Ann Bailey? How does the church depart from the man-centred gospel of today and return to the God-centred gospel preached by men of faith throughout history?

#80 The Lost Doctrines on the Home and Family

Paul discusses how that the old paths of the Word of God will never be passed on effectively, generation to generation, if the Church does not enable and empower, by sound teaching, that great seminary of the minds of the future, the home or the family. It is also discussed how the role of the family has been diminished by the church and state alike. NOTE: Since this show came out I have discovered issues with the Family Integrated Church Movement. Please listen to #190 for more.