Are there parallels between what is called the “church” today and the New Age Movement? Do claims made by the Charismatic movement come from the New Age Movement and the occult? Why do the claims made by modern Christians sound like claims made by occultists such as Alice Ann Bailey? How does the church depart from the man-centred gospel of today and return to the God-centred gospel preached by men of faith throughout history?

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“The church is in trouble—that’s what they say anyways. The problem is most of what they call the church is not the church, and the church is not quite as in trouble as everybody thinks. As a matter of fact, the church today is absolutely beautiful—she’s glorious, she’s humble, she’s broken, and she’s confessing her sin. The problem is what everybody’s calling the church today isn’t the church. Basically, by and large, what’s called the church today is nothing more than a bunch of unconverted church people with unconverted pastors.”
~Paul Washer

“[I]n the new world order, spirituality will supersede theology; living experience will take the place of theological acceptances … they will recognise the onward march of revelation and the new emerging truths.”
–Alice Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Pg. 202

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