#92 John Piper and the Golden Calf of C.S. Lewis

John Piper’s Desiring God National Conference 2013 will exalt C.S. Lewis with the title of this year’s conference being: ‘The Romantic Rationalist: God, Life, and Imagination in the Work of C.S. Lewis’. Is this more of the same from John Piper, as he has in recent years invited people like Rick Warren and Mark Driscoll; but does this represent something even worse? Paul discusses this and looks at the teaching and theology of C.S. Lewis. Was the theology of C.S. Lewis orthodox or heretical and outside of the faith once delivered? If his views were heretical, why are so many evangelicals worshipping this golden calf in the modern church?

#91 Are Images of Jesus Christ Forbidden in the Bible?

Paul will be discussing if Christians should ever use any representation or similitude of the Godhead? Why can such a practice, which is commonplace today, be such a danger to true worship? Why has it become popular? Are there double-standards within the church as we condemn Roman Catholic idolatry but freely practice it in the Evangelical Church? Paul will discuss these and other related issues.