In this last show of 2013 Paul looks at what does the Word of God say about celebrating Christmas? Can a Christian celebrate Christmas in their home according to the Word of God? Should the church celebrate Christmas? How and what should we think about the worship of God?

“We have no superstitious regard for times and seasons. Certainly we do not believe in the present ecclesiastical arrangement called Christmas: first, because we do not believe in the mass at all, but abhor it, whether it be said or sung in Latin or in English; and, secondly, because we find no Scriptural warrant whatever for observing any day as the birthday of the Savior; and, consequently, its observance is a superstition, because not of divine authority.” –C.H. Spurgeon

“The Popish holy-days ought not to be observed, because they are not appointed in the Word; and, by the same reason, no other holy-days may be kept, whatsoever pretence there be of devotion towards God, when there is no precept or example for such practice in the holy scripture.”
–Thomas Vincent (1634–1678)

“There is no day commanded in Scripture to keep holy under the gospel but the Lord’s day, which is the Christian Sabbath. Festival days vulgarly called Holy-Days, having no warrant in the Word of God, are not to be continued”
–Westminster Assembly, The Directory for the Publick Worship of God, 1645

“God here cuts off from men every occasion for making evasions, since he condemns by this one phrase, ‘I have not commanded them,’ whatever the Jews devised. There is then no other argument needed to condemn superstitions, than that they are not commanded by God: for when men allow themselves to worship God according to their own fancies, and attend not to His commands, they pervert true religion. And if this principle was adopted by the Papists, all those fictitious modes of worship, in which they absurdly exercise themselves, would fall to the ground…. Were they to admit this principle, that we cannot rightly worship God except by obeying His Word, they would be delivered from their deep abyss of error. The Prophet’s words then are very important when he says that God had commanded no such thing and that it never came to His mind; as though He had said, that men assume too much wisdom, when they devise what He never required, nay, what He never knew.”
–John Calvin (on Jeremiah 7:31)

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