#230 Andy Stanley, Free Will and the Seeker-Sensitive Church

What is the foundation of the Christian Faith? Andy Stanley claims that it is the Resurrection of Christ, but not the scriptures. He uses this ‘technique’ to reach the ‘unchurched’. Is this Biblical? What are the fundamental problems of such a view of scripture? What are the dangers posed to the church that accepts this teaching?

#229 Nabeel Qureshi: Bible as Foundation is ‘Idolatry’

Author and former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi, at Christ Community Chapel in March 2015, was asked the question “What If They Don’t Believe the Bible?” when witnessing to others. Nabeel responded by saying that we should not start with the Bible. Was Nabeel right? Is his teaching here dangerous? How should we respond as Christians to such a question and what should we declare during such a witnessing situation?

#228 Michael Brown Whitewashes NAR Heretic Bill Johnson

Michael Brown has had Bill Johnson of Bethel Church, Redding in California, on his radio programme recently. Did Michael Brown ask questions to expose Bill Johnson’s false teaching? What exactly is wrong with Bill Johnson’s theology? Is Bill Johnson a false prophet? How does Michael Brown deal with critics of the Charismatic movement?