#237 Anti-Calvinist Straw Man Arguments Exposed and Debunked

On today’s show we will be reviewing a very anti-Reformed sermon by Ralph ‘Yankee’ Arnold, who is the pastor of Calvary Community Church of Tampa, Florida. Does Calvinism teach that the elect are forced against their will to believe? Does Calvinism teach that we can neglect to preach the gospel to every creature? Does Calvinism teach that our perseverance in the faith depends on us? Does Calvinism teach that those who are non-elect, but want to go to heaven, cannot believe on Christ? What does Calvinism really teach about human inability? How is it often misrepresented and distorted by its critics?

#236 Andy Stanley: Virgin Birth and Bible are Not Important

What does Andy Stanley teach about the virgin birth of Christ? Does he believe that you need to believe this Christian truth to be a Christian? What does he believe about the early church and the formation of the canon of scripture? Does he see the Bible as essential to our faith in Christ? Why might his views be dangerous and open the door to theological liberalism? What is wrong with his gospel presentation?

#235 Christmas Vs The Lord’s Day

Can Christmas be lawfully observed? Can Christmas be considered purely a secular holiday? Can someone honour the Lord’s Day and celebrate Christmas this year, as December 25th falls on the Lord’s day? What does the modern church’s love of Christmas, and neglect of the Sabbath, tell us about how we view God’s law in our day? How should we treat subjects like Santa Claus with our children?