#357 Cultural Christianity & Judging by Appearance

On tonight’s programme we respond to a video released by Graham Allen of Rant Nation, which is now part of Blaze TV. How should we view tattoos on Christians? How does our relationship to the Church show our love for Christ? Can Christians judge others? What is Matthew 7:1 really saying?

#356 Leighton Flowers & Andy Stanley Unite to Slander Calvinists

On tonight’s programme we look at Leighton Flowers’ recent conversation on Calvinism with Andy Stanley. What is wrong with Andy Stanley’s theology? Is Stanley knowledgeable on Calvinism? Are critics of Stanley simply jealous of him, or are there real problems with his theology? What does the interview reveal about Leighton Flowers and the man’s integrity?

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#355 Bishop Barron with Ben Shapiro & The Roman Catholic Gospel

On tonight’s programme we critique Bishop Robert Barron’s recent appearance on the Sunday Special with Ben Shapiro. Does Rome agree with the gospel as revealed in the Bible?

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Gearóid Marley of the Protestant Truth Society shares his testimony of God’s sovereign saving grace. Gearóid was raised in Ireland as a Roman Catholic and entered seminary to become a priest at the age of 18 but left after he saw that the Roman Church did not have the truth.

#354 Jesse Morrell’s Pelagian TULIP

On tonight’s programme we look at an internet post by Jesse Morrell, of Open Air Outreach, called the ‘Biblical TULIP’. What is Pelagianism? Can you have a credible profession of faith and still hold these views on the gospel? Can fallen man obey God? Does the Bible teach Original Sin?

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