#354 Jesse Morrell’s Pelagian TULIP

On tonight’s programme we look at an internet post by Jesse Morrell, of Open Air Outreach, called the ‘Biblical TULIP’. What is Pelagianism? Can you have a credible profession of faith and still hold these views on the gospel? Can fallen man obey God? Does the Bible teach Original Sin?

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#352 Our Final Authority in a Fluid Canon?

We start tonight’s programme with brief comments on John MacArthur on the Ben Shapiro show and on the Lauren Daigle controversy over homosexuality. Then we return to ask what is wrong with the modern debate, or lack of debate, over Bible translations? Should we think that 2% of the Greek New Testament text isn’t really that important as many in the modern church now claim? Do the proponents of the Critical Text have a settled or a fluid, moving canon? What is the final authority in such a system, taken to its logical conclusion?

#351 The Canon of Scripture, KJV Onlyism and Modern Textual Criticism

On tonight’s programme we look at the various views which exist today about Bible versions and the text, or canon, of scripture. How does these views differ from the views of the Reformers? How reliable are Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus? What doctrines are affected by modern forms of textual criticism? How do modern forms of textual criticism vary from the textual criticism used by the Reformers? We also look at parts of the classic John Ankerberg show from the mid-1990s where these view were discussed.