#361 J.D. Greear Wants Christians to Promote LGBT Rights

On tonight's programme we finish our look at J.D. Greear's message on Romans 1:24-32. What is troubling about Greear's teaching on this text, and what is troubling about the direction of the church as a whole on LGBT issues? How can we be welcoming without...

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#360 SBC President J.D. Greear, Romans 1 & Homosexuality

On tonight's programme we look at a sermon preached by the Southern Baptist Convention President, J.D. Greear, dealing with Romans 1. How did he deal with the issue of homosexuality? What are the problems with his treatment of the text in question? Why is it...

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#358 WP Films, Sharing the Gospel and Hell

On tonight's programme, the first since last December, we respond to WP Film's video called 'God Loves You vs. You're Going To Hell'. Is it loving to withhold the reality of hell from people? Can you be faithful to the gospel by doing so? What are the potential...

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#357 Cultural Christianity & Judging by Appearance

On tonight's programme we respond to a video released by Graham Allen of Rant Nation, which is now part of Blaze TV. How should we view tattoos on Christians? How does our relationship to the Church show our love for Christ? Can Christians judge others? What is...

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#356 Leighton Flowers & Andy Stanley Unite to Slander Calvinists

On tonight’s programme we look at Leighton Flowers’ recent conversation on Calvinism with Andy Stanley. What is wrong with Andy Stanley’s theology? Is Stanley knowledgeable on Calvinism? Are critics of Stanley simply jealous of him, or are there real problems with his theology? What does the interview reveal about Leighton Flowers and the man’s integrity?

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