#486 Why do People Leave the Christian Church?

On this programme we reacted to a YouTube video called “Why I left Christianity | MY DECONVERSION STORY |”. Why are these types of testimonies becoming more common from professing Christian churches in Western nations? Megiddo Radio · #486 Why do People...

#308 Homosexuality’s Moral Facade

On tonight’s programme we look at a TV programme which aired in Australia early last year called ‘Bride and Prejudice’. How did it portray homosexuality and gay ‘marriage’? How does the LGBT movement, and its morality, claim the moral high ground?

#162 The ‘Judge Not’ Heresy Debunked

How should we Biblically respond to the recent Planned Parenthood story? What arguments do some liberals use to support gay ‘marriage’? How do liberals refute themselves? What is the meaning of Matthew 7 when Jesus said to ‘judge not’ and when Jesus said in John 8 ‘He who is without sin can cast the first stone’?

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