#169 The Doctrines Killing the Modern Church

How harmful is the doctrine of decisional regeneration to the church? What effect does it have on churches? What other doctrines arise to support decisional regeneration? Are there ‘Carnal’ regenerated Christians? What is Revivalism? How does our view of ‘free will’ effect how we look at these issues? How important is Christian education for the next generation of Christians?

#168 Kent Hovind’s Endorsement of ‘The Shack’

Kent Hovind has been praising William Paul Young’s book ‘The Shack’ and has read the book 9 times. What is the book about? What does it teach about God and the trinity? Does it teach orthodox Christian theology? What does Kent Hovind’s endorsement of the book say about his discernment? How has he responded to criticism of his endorsement of the book? How should Christians deal with the book? These and other related questions will be looked at on this week’s show.