#372 Refuting Steve Chalke’s Defence of ‘LGBT Christianity’

Tonight we respond to a video posted by Unbelievable?’s YouTube page called “Does scripture forbid gay relationships? Steve Chalke vs Andrew Wilson – Bible debate #4”. Why is it so important for the church of today to understand this issue Biblically? Can any reasonable argument be made for any of the sins covered under the LGBT umbrella?

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#371 Alabama’s Abortion Ban, Prosperity Hirelings & Steven Furtick

On tonight’s programme we examine Alabama’s Abortion Bill and look at some of the reaction to it from the media. Is the bill extreme, like some are claiming? We also take a look at a recent Inside Edition report into the greed of property preachers Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis. At the end of the programme we critique a clip shared by Steven Furtick’s ministry on the sovereignty of God. What is wrong with Furtick’s view of God’s control over every aspect of our lives?

#370 Beth Moore, Female Preachers and Biblical Authority

Should women be allow to preach the gospel during a worship service? Is it sexist or misogynistic to prevent women from preaching God’s Word? What is the loving thing to do? What are the Biblical requirements for those who are to be elders and preachers within God’s church?

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#368 NY Union Seminary Dean’s Gospel of Repenting of ‘Whiteness’ for Salvation

On tonight’s programme we respond to the ever more overt racism of those advocating for social justice within the church. On this programme we look at some outrageous comments made by Kelly Brown Douglas, the inaugural Dean of Episcopal Divinity School at Union Theological Seminary in New York. Are these views mainstream, or could they become mainstream within the church in the near future? Is the pejorative “Whiteness” embraced by those who are considered conservative within the church?

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