#286 Remembering the Reformation? William Lane Craig, Leighton Flowers and Jerry L. Walls

Many pay lip service to the Reformation, but do they truly hold to the same theology and gospel of the Reformers? Is modern mainstream Protestantism really ‘Protestant’ at all? How dangerous are the anti-Calvinist views of a so-called ‘Free Will’? How dangerous is Jerry L. Walls, co-chair of ‘A Reforming Catholic Confession’, and his view of purgatory?

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#285 Textus Receptus, Critical Text and the Preservation of God’s Word (Jeff Riddle Interview)

We are joined on today’s programme by Jeff Riddle, who is the minister of Christ Reformed Baptist Church, Louisa, Virginia. What are the differences between the Textus Receptus, the Majority Text and the Critical Text of the Greek New Testament? Does the issue really matter? What do the Reformed confessions teach about this issue? How does it impact our trust in God’s Holy Word?

#284 Bishop Robert Barron, Robert Jeffress, Sean Hannity and Ecumenism

We conclude our critique of Bishop Robert Barron’s video on the Reformation on tonight’s programme. After this we look at Sean Hannity’s visit to Robert Jeffress and First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas. How has Jeffress’ view of Roman Catholicism changed over the years? Is it Biblical? Did Hannity’s visit undermine the gospel?

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#283 Newsweek Surprised Evangelicals Reject Roman Catholicism

Newsweek are in shock that an evangelical pastor, Robert Jeffress, would criticise Roman Catholicism and link it to Revelation 17. Is this a strange doctrine when compared with Christian history and the Bible? We also start a critique of Roman Catholic Bishop Robert Barron’s video on the Reformation.

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#282 Desiring God’s Works Salvation and Racist Identity Politics with Lecrae

On tonight’s programme we look at the mounting evidence against John Piper and Desiring God with the recently published article by desiringGod.org writer Greg Morse, which declares: “But what about being saved by faith alone? You’re not.” When it was posted on twitter it included the note: “You’re not saved through faith alone. Be killing your sin.” We also look at Lecrae and Piper’s Racial Identity Politics. Does it divide the Church?

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