#245 Why I Hate Socialism, Fake News and the SJW Movement

What is wrong with socialism? Is Biblical Christianity compatible with socialism? How should we view fake news and the modern social justice warrior movement? What is social justice? Where does it come from? How is the economics of the left like that of the Roman Catholic Church?

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#193 Bernie Sanders’ Visit to the Vatican: Rome’s Economics Examined

What is the significance of Bernie Sanders’ recent visit to the Vatican? What views are shared by Bernie Sanders and Pope Francis? Are the economic views of the Roman Catholic Church and Bernie Sanders similar? Does the Vatican in its official documents support capitalism, socialism or fascism? Is an increase in number of supposed human rights a good thing or a bad thing for a free society?

#124 Pope Francis’ Teaching on Economics (w/ Richard Bennett): Merely Aquinas and Roman Tradition

On this show Paul is joined by Richard Bennett of the Berean Beacon Ministry. Richard Bennett is an Irish former Roman Catholic Priest who has for many years exposed the teachings of Romanism since he left the church of Rome. His testimony is a blessing to many of the grace of God unto salvation. Richard has spent a long time studying the economic thought of Rome and this will be the main focus of the interview. Are Francis’ teachings on economics new? Is Francis a communist? Who is Thomas Aquinas and how does he influence the Roman Catholic world today? How has Aquinas inspired Liberation Theology? Richard also speaks of his own experience with Liberation Theology.