#343 Ashers Court Victory Over LGBT Tyranny

With the wonderful news from the Ashers victory in the UK supreme court case against the claims of discrimination, we take a look at the arguments of the LGBT activists who oppose the ruling. Are they truly for equality and freedom as they may claim? How should we respond as Christians in this fallen and sinful world?

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#336 Critiquing the Views of Revoice Host and Presenter Greg Johnson

Can someone repent of their LGBT ‘orientation’ and have victory over those sins in Christ by God’s Spirit? Or are we just ‘born that way’? What are the views of PCA Pastor Greg Johnson? Greg Johnson is the pastor of the PCA church which is hosting the upcoming Revoice conference. Their website states that they are ‘supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex-attracted, and other LGBT Christians so they can flourish while observing the historic, Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality’. On this programme we look at Johnson’s recent appearance on the CrossPolitic Podcast. Why is the Revoice conference dangerous? Can the same arguments made for LGBT people, be made for paedophiles? What role does Alfred Kinsey’s sexual revolution play in all this? Who was Harry Hay? What was his view of paedophilia?

#334 The LGBT Downgrade Within the Modern Church

On tonight’s programme we look at the backlash coming from the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s decision to not allow those in same-sex relationships to be full members of the church. We also discuss Vicky Beeching, the upcoming Revoice Conference and the position large sections of the visible church are taking on LGBT issues.

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#333 Vicky Beeching’s ‘Undivided’ Book Review

Vicky Beeching, the former CCM artist who came out as gay in 2014, has just released a new book called ‘Undivided: Coming Out, Becoming Whole, and Living Free from Shame’. On tonight’s programmes we compare what she says in the book with the Scriptures.

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#308 Homosexuality’s Moral Facade

On tonight’s programme we look at a TV programme which aired in Australia early last year called ‘Bride and Prejudice’. How did it portray homosexuality and gay ‘marriage’? How does the LGBT movement, and its morality, claim the moral high ground?

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