#85 The Dangers of Extra-Biblical Prophecy

Paul discusses the support given for the so-called “prophecies” of Malachy, the book of Enoch, 2012 theories, and other spurious works, among many professing Christians. He also looks at the Biblical reasons for, and the appropriate responses that any believer should give to, anything that diminishes from God’s Glory.

#84 The Papal Speculation Circus Comes to Town

Paul discusses the latest news permeating from Rome, declaring that Benedict XVI is resigning (the first Roman pontiff in 600 years to do so), as the media from all over the world flock to the woman on seven hills. Why should believers in Sola Scriptura be concerned with the treatment of the so-called prophecy of Roman Catholic “saint” Malachy, dealing with the last pope? What damage can be done, intentionally or unintentionally, to the faith once delivered unto the saints by giving it any credibility? Paul looks at these issues, and others, as many in modern Protestantism leave the door open to spurious prophecy of an unknown origin.

#83 The Church Has Abandoned the Narrow Way

Paul discusses the new movie in the works for Megiddo Films, which will be a sequel to “Of Chaos and Confusion: The Modern Church” and will deal with the corruption of gospel preaching in modern times. Also discussed here is how the narrow way described by Matthew 7:14, has been largely abandoned by most churches, and how it has left the wide road to destruction for many professors of the Christian faith.