#90 Alfred Kinsey, the Sexual Revolution and the Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Debate

Paul discusses the latest news about how France has become the 14th country to legalise Gay ‘marriage’ and the serious consequences on nation states who adopt these policies. How does God judge nations who call evil good and good evil? What should the Christian church do? What is the proper Biblical role of government? Who was Alfred Kinsey and how does his ‘research’ connect to the modern push for same-sex ‘marriage’? Paul discusses these issues and other related topics.

#89 Baptists Flock to Celebrate New Cult Leader

Paul looks at the adulation heaped upon the latest leader at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. Was there any reproof for the disgraced institution that is a blight to Christ’s church? Will any in this ‘old boys club’ have the moral fortitude to turn their backs on the god of numbers and peer adulation, as yet another abuse case is linked to the institution.