#227 Jesuits Promote the LGBT Agenda

Yesterday, on Sunday October 30th, James Martin SJ received an award from a pro-LGBT Roman Catholic group called New Ways Ministry. James Martin is a prominent Jesuit who is the editor-at-large at the Jesuit weekly publication called ‘America.’ What is the significance of this award? Is this official Jesuit policy to support the LGBT community? How do the Jesuits reconcile their actions with Roman Catholic dogma? How should Christians respond Biblically to these issues?

#225 The New Jesuit Black Pope: What Power Does He Hold?

After the former Superior General of the Jesuits, Adolfo Nicolás, handed control over to the next leader of the Jesuits, the Venezuelan Arturo Sosa, we take a look at the role. What does it mean to be the Superior General of the Jesuits? How powerful is he? Is there any evidence to suggest the Black Pope controls the current pope in the Vatican? What is social justice? What is the goal of the Jesuits?

#223 LGBT Junk Science: The ‘Born This Way’ Myth

Are people within the LGBT community born like that, in the same way people are born with black skin or blue eyes? Is there a scientific consensus on the issue? What does the Word of God say? What does a new report from John Hopkins University reveal about the popular ‘born this way’ theory?