#272 Justification Betrayed by ‘Reformed Church Body’ with Romanism

Recently the WCRC, a worldwide coalition of so-called ‘Reformed churches’, signed an agreement with Roman Catholicism over the doctrine of justification. The agreement describes a ‘common understanding’ over the doctrine. What are the tactics often used by ecumenists, knowingly or unknowingly, to lower the defences of their critics? Has Rome changed? Has she compromised what the council of Trent and the Catholic Cathechism teaches? What does the agreement teach? What is the doctrine of justification as stated in the Bible? How important is it?

#202 From Death Metal Vocalist and Heavy Metal Religion to Joy in Christ

Paul Flynn (former vocalist of four metal bands from Cork, Ireland) shares how he got out of Heavy Metal Religious Idolatry and embraced Jesus Christ with Chris Arnzen of Iron Sharpens Iron Radio.

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#182 Refuting Rome and Tim Staples on Good Works in Salvation

What does Rome teach about good works in salvation? Is it Biblical? Does Rome teach what the Bible teaches, or does it teach a false gospel? Is grace necessary in Roman Catholicism? What does Roman Catholic apologist Tim Staples teach about the necessity of good works and how does he defend Rome’s teachings on this issue?