#233 Easy Believerism Refuted and Exposed

What is the gospel of Jesus Christ? Is repenting from your sins necessary for salvation? Is believing the gospel and trusting on Christ alone easy for the unregenerate sinner in rebellion against God? What are the similarities between some prominent Independent Fundamental Baptist preachers and men like Rick Warren?

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#230 Andy Stanley, Free Will and the Seeker-Sensitive Church

What is the foundation of the Christian Faith? Andy Stanley claims that it is the Resurrection of Christ, but not the Scriptures. He uses this ‘technique’ to reach the ‘unchurched’. Is this Biblical? What are the fundamental problems of such a view of scripture? What are the dangers posed to the church that accepts this teaching?

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#222 Monergism, Roman Catholicism and the Protestant Reformation

On tonight’s show we look at a sermon preached by David Brown attacking the Reformed doctrine of monergism. What is monergism? Is it Biblical? How did the Reformers differ from the Roman Catholic Church during the time of the Reformation on this issue? What is synergism? What was the view of the Council of Trent? How do these issues affect how we see the gospel? Can we prove from the Bible that regeneration proceeds faith?

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